Venue and Visitor Info

The main conference venues are:

Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus

The Department of Architecture (ARCH) is one of the four departments of the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus. Considering that design is the common factor in all conceptual or other subdivisions or categories, the four basic areas of study are: architectural theory and history, architectural communication media, architectural technology and urban design.Central to the philosophy of the programme of studies in architecture is the concept of integrated design which stresses the necessity of a balanced focus on the various aspects of architecture that make it the complex and fascinating field that it is. The challenges for both the discipline and the profession are many and diverse but they could perhaps be summed up as follows: to preserve the past, accommodate the present and plan for the future; to allow for the cultural while respecting the natural; to identify the local within the global; to allow for differences and bring out the similarities; to be innovative; to create.

Music Department, European University of Cyprus

Established in 2007, the Music Program alongside the Graphic Design Program constitutes the Department of Arts. Its dedicated faculty of young, active and internationally acclaimed artists and academics are all distinguished professionals in their relevant fields-theory, music education, research, composition, musicology and performance, and are very active in the national and international artistic and cultural scene. The dedication to teaching, learning and research offers students paramount knowledge, develops their ability to think and express themselves critically and enables them to successfully seek graduate studies and employment opportunities in relevant fields. The Department is committed to contributing to the community and providing students with a warm but nonetheless challenging environment.